Top 5 Best Canadian Mobile Banking Experience

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We're proud to announce that our client Coast Capital Savings is on the TOP 5 Canada's BEST Mobile Banking Firms, ahead of three of Canada's Big Banks.

A successful digital banking transformations for Coast Capital

For years, it has been evident in Canada that credit union customers are often left with inferior mobile banking capabilities, despite numerous promises of improvement. While the cooperative system is based on customer ownership and renowned for its exceptional customer service, it has struggled to provide customer-oriented solutions that can rival those offered by larger banks.

2020 will always be remembered as the year that reshaped our familiar norms into a new reality. With the shift towards digital banking, traditional branch visitors had to adapt to new ways of managing their finances, including the decline in the usage of cash for several months. Unfortunately, it became evident that even after a decade of Canadian mobile banking advancements, many Canadians discovered that their financial institutions were lacking in robust mobile banking capabilities.

The partnership with ebankIT and its leading omnichannel digital banking platform were key drivers for bringing this new Coast digital banking platform to life and position Coast Capital as a market leader among credit unions.

According to Surviscor, Coast Capital Savings is a BC-based firm with a recent Canadian charter that paved its development path in 2018 introducing a non-traditional credit union mobile banking platform – the ebankIT Digital Platform - is proving to be a great decision as they pulled away from their credit union peers.

The platform does not produce any category or sub-category honors but offers its members a well-rounded mobile banking experience. Coast Capital created a new digital banking platform and app that would provide members the flexibility to easily engage through the channel of their choice.


Surviscor is the only ranking firm that includes credit unions in its public-facing reviews and evaluates them alongside the big banks and most Canadian banking firms.

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