Accessibility: Humanizing digital banking experience for everyone

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As financial institutions invest in new platforms, it becomes necessary to make them accessible for every user, regardless of disability conditions. ebankIT’s omnichannel digital banking platform is fully designed according to the best practices of accessibility.

Banks and Credit Unions are undertaking an unprecedented technological revolution, with an ever-growing number of services moving to digital platforms. The digitalization of the banking sector is enabling financial institutions to explore new business prospects, to expand their offer, and even to attract a wider audience, especially with the inclusion of the unbanked population, which was previously unaware of banking possibilities. In this process, it is essential to make banking solutions accessible for everyone. Bearing this in mind, ebankIT’s omnichannel digital banking platform offers a suitable framework for every digital accessibility strategy.

A simple gesture like scrolling a menu or clicking on a button can be very challenging for people with visual, motor, neurological or cognitive disabilities. A flashing graphic, for example, can inadvertently trigger a seizure in users who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. Additionally, average life expectancy around the world has increased steadily, and many users have age-related impairments that affect the way they browse online or use their smartphone.


Today, these factors can’t be ignored when the moment to select a digital banking provider comes. Not only from an ethical and socially responsible standpoint, but also as a wise and well-planned business strategy. Older web users, for example, represent an increasing market segment and an important target group for many financial institutions. Furthermore, studies show that accessible websites have better search results, reach a wider audience, are SEO friendly, have faster download times, encourage good coding practices, and overall have better usability for every audience.


“Humanizing Digital Banking” is one of the main mottos of ebankIT’s omnichannel platform. We understand that the digitalization process of the banking sector is only real and effective when it offers the most intuitive customer experience to every user. Accessibility and interactive experience are at the core of our innovation roadmap, and therefore, ebankIT’s platform is fully designed to provide a suitable framework for every digital accessibility strategy.

With a longstanding commitment with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), for both web and mobile channels, ebankIT enables financial institutions to apply a vast catalog of accessibility procedures. From keyboard-only navigability, for those who can’t use the mouse, to the integration of screen reader software, essential for blind or visually impaired users, ebankIT’s clear and flexible layout offers countless possibilities of adaptation.

We should not forget that humanizing banking is people helping people. ebankIT aims to play its role in building a more inclusive digital banking paradigm.

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