ebankIT V6 offers new features to financial institutions

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Leading the way to humanize the digital banking experience, ebankIT’s version 6.0 enables banks and credit unions to create and customize their own catalog of digital services, improving the user journey for both staff and end-consumers, while dealing with less code.

The most recent version of ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform stands out as a complete breakthrough in the process of turning digital banking services more personalized and interactive. Following its main motto “Humanizing Digital Banking”, ebankIT introduces a new architecture and an updated API Getaway for both web and mobile channels, with a completely redesigned UI/UX and several additional features, such as night mode and privacy mode, for example.

Flexibility and customization are at the core of the latest developments. Focused on creating the best customer digital experience, the 6.0 version of ebankIT Platform reshapes the way financial institutions create functionalities and customize their digital catalog. Taking advantage of ebankIT Studio, new services can be developed in a shorter time period and with fewer code lines. Therefore, financial institutions will spend less time and resources to maintain each service, as every line of code needs to be properly built and maintained.

Additionally, as mobile banking becomes the primary channel for countless users worldwide, ebankIT’s innovation roadmap also takes a decisive step forward, with the adoption of native development languages: Swift for IOS and Kotlin for Android. Also noteworthy is the new mobile architecture, with an innovative modular approach, based on the banking business context.

With a wider range of features and a long sequence of structural developments completed, the 6.0 version of ebankIT Omnichannel Platform successfully raises the bar regarding both performance and efficiency, keeping the focus on creating an increasingly intuitive and engaging banking experience for every user.

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