ebankIT Studio: a low code, cross-platform internet & mobile banking solution

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ebankIT Studio is a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows the generation of new services in-house with minimal code. This accelerates the development of projects for banks and credit unions at a reduced cost. With ebankIT Studio, apps and functionalities can be developed quickly without sacrificing quality or performance. Therefore, financial institutions can implement new business models and strategies faster to provide the best services to their clients.

ebankIT Studio: a cross-platform internet & mobile banking solution  

The ebankIT Studio is a development tool created with the purpose of speeding up the development process of the project team. Some of the main features of the platform include project installation, project updates, transactions, and menu management.

ebankIT Studio allows the implementation team to start off a new project in 3 simple steps with a user-friendly UI that helps individuals, with little knowledge about coding, every step of the way and provides insightful feedback when required. There is also a menu with a user guide to help the user to navigate it.

Once your projects are created, you can find the project lists on the homepage and check their status (installed, not installed, resume installation). You can manage your projects easily thanks to a drop-and-drag feature.



Create a project in ebankIT Studio 

Implementing ebankIT applications and services becomes easier with ebankIT Studio. The main goal of this low-code developer platform is to save time and effort by simplifying every single step without needing further external IT assistance. It provides tips visible on the screen that users can use as guidelines to follow when using the platform.

Let's take the example of creating a project in ebankIT studio. You only have to provide general information about the project, then indicate a database instance associated with the project, and finally, configure the project settings which define the region or language of the project. 

ebankIT Studio also gives you the possibility to resume a pending project installation. It continues from the previous step. You also have the flexibility to change the name, image, and description fields of the project if you want to.  

Creating a new transaction on the ebankIT Studio is also incredibly simple, you only need to select the intended project from the dropdown menu on the left, then select "Transactions". To finish, Studio also enables the adjustment of the front-end layout with a drag-and-drop tool. 

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