ebankIT V5.2: an optimized experience with a focus on security

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article for Smart Payments News.

ebankIT, the omnichannel banking platform provider, has released another update. This update optimizes user experience, increase user satisfaction, and improves security.

According to the company, the ebankIT digital platform version 5.2 “aims to offer the user a more optimized experience to increase their satisfaction with an additional focus on security” and “introduces enhancements to the way the platform is managed.”

Among the new innovations is the OpenID Connect Single Sign-on capability, which allows the use of a single set of authentication credentials for all ebankIT client channels available, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and third-party applications. Authentication credentials can also be securely shared to other Fintechs to enable a Single Sign-on, for example, to log in to a series of external systems using standard protocols.

Also noteworthy are the new options for limiting transactions, thanks to a new parameterization tool that allows configuring a limited number of executions for a given type of action.

In addition, version 5.2 introduces a new administrative tool that allows the financial institution to extract business information from transactions data and also an extension of the existing Analytic Reporting module, Campaign Analytics. Campaign Analytics allows the exploration of behavioral data related directly to campaigns launched via the ebankIT digital platform.

For Renato Oliveira, ebankIT's CEO, “the digitization of processes, particularly within the banking sector, has been experiencing a tremendous evolution, regardless of the channel used. We are now creating an greater appetite for its use. The latest developments at ebankIT ensure an even better user experience (UX) and allow us to respond to the need to continually enhance the security of digital platforms. Today, more than ever, great attention needs to be paid to digital security, as we cannot let sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. ”

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