Finovate Europe 2023: curating innovative technology in Fintech

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Finovate Europe returns to London on March 14th and 15th. As Fintech innovation continues to rise, this is the prime place to maintain yourself informed of the newest trends and discover the next groundbreaking technological product to stay ahead of the competition.

Finovate Europe 2023: what to expect this year

Finovate Europe 2023 is for many a highly anticipated event that brings together financial institutions, industry experts, and the most cutting-edge technologies from Fintech firms. 

ebankIT will exhibit its most recent technological product at the event in a demo-only format. Pete Atkinson and Joana Lucas will present a new tool that anticipates clients' needs and assists banks and credit unions in detecting problems in their banking apps.

This new digital tool helps financial institutions to offer clients a more custom-made experience by using data so that banks and credit unions know how to best address their customers. You can expect to be amazed by the end of the 7-minute presentation on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 from 11:51 am to 12:00 pm. 

ebankIT's new digital tool easily analyzes the performance of the clients using the banking app so that financial institutions can provide a tailored experience. We’re excited to have them on stage!

Greg Palmer, Vice President at Finovate.


Finovate Europe 2023 will also feature demos that will cover a wide range of topics, including payments, loans, InsurTech, InvesTech, Blockchain, AI and Machine learning, and RegTech. Themes such as web3, strategic partnerships, the metaverse and open banking, will also be mentioned. 

A panel with Fintech experts will take place to discuss the latest trends in fintech called the “Finovate Gameshow” where Greg Palmer, vice president of Finovate, will attend as one of the participants.

Experts will be asked a variety of questions regarding what's trending and what's not in Fintech. The panelists will conclude the session by comparing and contrasting their choices with those of the audience. An interactive way to exchange about the main topics of the industry.

It's an event to not miss, we hope to see you there!

Here is ebankIT's latest participation at Finovate