The customer is at the heart of financial services

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Based on technological innovation and assisting the client, the financial sector is continually changing. The last few years have allowed financial institutions to carry out a digital transformation to respond to the needs of clients, better and quicker. Technological innovations, created by companies such as ebankIT, provide solutions for the greatest needs of customers of financial institutions. This complementarity is essential to speed up digital transformation.

Generations who grew up in a technologically evolved world are always connected. As customers, their habits and demands are different from the previous generations and the criteria for choosing a banking institution have new requirements; ease-of-use, convenience, and mobility. First, and as would be expected, advanced and seamless technology must be present. More than half of a bank's customers use digital channels for its services.

The use of credit and debit cards is always growing. Payment applications and online banks have transformed us into an agile and fast-moving society, having time as an asset. Financial institutions must ensure customers' demands are met with an excellent user-experience. To achieve this is requires an effective omnichannel platform capable of offering the customer a better experience. With the existing technology and the customer profile, the focus should be on the user experience provided whilst using the service.

There is always a pertinent question to answer; What the new future will look like? Disruptive innovation can appear and change everything we took for granted.

I believe that more and more banks will speed up the processes of digital transformation. Omnichannel will be a reality and delivering a world-class customer experience will be essential - on every channel. Customer experience will be at center stage - they will always be the final recipient of any innovation, and the organizations that notice this will be one step ahead.

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