User engagement hub: maximizing your branch front office potential

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User Engagement Hub: create a seamless customer experience  

In recent years, demand for efficient and tailored digital banking services have grown and if banks or credit unions want to stay competitive, they must innovate and adapt to the needs of their client.

The User Engagement Hub 2.0 helps financial institutions optimize their digital branch front office by automating some tasks and providing an insightful personal client dashboard. It is a client-centric, omnichannel performance tracker that offers an effortless user experience.

User engagement hub optimize your branch front office

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly common to request or send money as well as split the bill via mobile banking applications. However, sometimes transactions can go wrong and a problem can prevent a payment to go through.   

The User Engagement Hub 2.0 offers the possibility for clients to schedule payments for later if a temporary issue occurs. The Store and Forward engine automatically suggests a new time slot for the transaction and notifies the client once the issue is resolved and the payment has gone through.

With the help of this automated procedure, banks or credit unions can rapidly fix a problem without the need for human intervention while providing a smooth customer experience. Financial institutions can save time and human resources with the User Engagement Hub. 

Build a tailored experience with personalized insights  

Using data analysis, banks and credit unions can get personalized insights and recommendations that are tailored to the needs of their clients.

The user engagement hub 2.0 provides a client dashboard that gives an overview of the client user experience such as the last time the client accessed the banking app, their preferred login device, authentication methods, session times, and the most used operations (debit, transfers, split bills...).

The client dashboard also provides real-time alerts about any issue occurring on the client side, enabling banks and credit unions to act rapidly to address the issue. 

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A humanizing digital banking experience  

Grant a humanizing digital banking experience to your clients while saving your team time, effort, and resources with the User Engagement Hub 2.0.

ebankIT helps banks and credit unions operate more efficiently thanks to innovative technology such as process automation, artificial intelligence, and detailed analytical dashboards.

Without requiring any human intervention, provide a faster and better customer experience at a lower cost. To learn more about it download the User Engagement infographic.

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