Wire Transfers made simpler, safer, and increasingly efficient

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Wire transfers constitute a fundamental feature for any digital banking system. But even regarding a financial service with such widespread use, there is always room for improvement. ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Platform enables financial institutions to offer an enhanced customer experience when transferring funds electronically. Wire transfers are made simpler and faster, with increased security and efficiency, combined with additional customizable capabilities.

It is traditionally one of the most used services in the banking industry. Money transfers always represented an important role in the financial world, enabling every member of our society, from individuals to the biggest companies in the world, to conduct business and close new deals. But since the development of new digital technologies, money transfers have become increasingly common and necessary.

The level of user trust in new platforms keeps growing, especially after the Covid-19 lockdowns. The search for remote services rose drastically and the average age of digital banking users is increasing, with the number of online transactions reaching unprecedented levels.

Following this radical shift in consumer behavior, financial institutions are being challenged to improve their digital banking experience, especially in the most commons services and features. Regarding wire transfers, ebankIT designed an innovation path to grant simpler, faster and more efficient transactions, complying with every cybersecurity best-practice.

Designed for domestic and international operations, ebankIT Omnichannel Digital Platform enables banks and credit unions to offer a complete solution to their audience. End-users benefit from dynamic forms, where extensive customizable capabilities are deployed. Options available are adjusted to the destination country, and conversion rates & fees are calculated in real time.


Users can choose to send money to several types of recipients and to schedule different operations – single or recurring transfers. Taking advantage of a completely omnichannel approach, consumers also enjoy the freedom to save a transfer draft for the future, resuming it whenever they prefer, using either web or mobile banking to complete it.

Consumers can also define a list of favorite recipients, in order to save time and effort in filling everything again in any future transfer. Additionally, ebankIT solution is integrated with extensive address databases, that are constantly being updated, offering increasingly agility to any wire transfer process.

Complying with the best security standards in practice, ebankIT uses SMS Token "One Time Password" as an authentication procedure. In a combination of cybersecurity and efficiency, the digital banking platform sends an SMS with the confirmation code in less than 1 minute. At the end of the operation, users may also export the proof in PDF or share it directly by email, ensuring extra security and agility to every transfer.

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