World Credit Union Conference: the premier global event for credit unions

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Every year, the World Credit Union Conference brings together professionals from credit unions from across the world to share ideas, discover the best practices, and investigate new prospects. Participants will interact with international exhibitors, take part in educational programs, and network with industry professionals.

Experience the vibrant city of Vancouver while diving into a diverse range of topics at this year's conference from July 23 to July 26. Immerse yourself in discussions on technology, innovation, leadership, and the future of the credit union movement. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore Vancouver's unique culture and indulge in its delectable cuisine. Don't miss out on this chance to develop, learn, and be inspired in the captivating city of Vancouver! Book a meeting with ebankIT.

What the future has in store for Credit unions

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World Credit Union Conference the premier global event for credit unions

Prepare yourself to actively participate in thought-provoking conversations, exchanging valuable viewpoints on the ever-evolving financial landscape and the influential role technology plays in fostering the growth and prosperity of credit unions.

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