ebankIT & Finotta partner up to provide global access to personalized financial guidance

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Personalized financial guidance for millions of customers

Finotta, a provider of embedded fintech for digital banking, today announced its latest partnership with ebankIT, a global digital omnichannel banking software company. 

Through this partnership, Finotta’s Personified platform will integrate with ebankIT’s digital banking platform to expand access to financial wellness and Personalized Financial Guidance (PFG) to millions of customers and members worldwide.

Focused on delivering a better way for financial institutions to digitally engage with customers and members, ebankIT’s Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform is licensed to financial institutions in 11 countries, serving millions of individuals. 

ebankIT's platform offers extensive customization options, allowing banks and credit unions to tailor their digital strategies to unique customer needs. The company places a relentless focus on enhancing human interactions within the digital banking realm, ensuring a truly customer-first approach, and enabling the delivery of proactive, interactive and consistent user experiences that drives digital customer engagement.

At ebankIT, we recognize that the future of digital banking hinges on seamless omnichannel capabilities and enriched user experiences. That’s why from day one, we’ve been working with banks and credit unions to deliver humanized, personalized and accessible digital experiences. Our newest integration with Finotta is an extension of that commitment. We look forward to the value this partnership will bring to our clients and the industry at large, as well as how it will further future-proof our solutions to adapt seamlessly to emerging channels and market needs.

- Renato Oliveira, CEO of ebankIT.

As a financial coaching tool, Finotta's Personified platform assists financial institutions in tailoring their services to each customer's financial journey, ensuring timely and personalized support. Through its innovative Financial Health Leveling system, Personified transforms the customer's financial progress into an engaging experience seamlessly integrated into the digital banking channel. This approach simplifies relationship-building for financial institutions, allowing them to promptly address customer needs and provide solutions directly within the digital banking platform. It makes the physical branch digital as customers demand even more seamless banking experiences.

Financial wellness is a global imperative that transcends borders, affecting individuals and communities everywhere. In partnering with ebankIT, we're not just future-proofing financial institutions. We’re elevating the financial well-being of users and underscoring innovation as the bedrock of customer loyalty. By integrating Personified into ebankIT's platform, we're extending sound financial guidance worldwide, enabling better financial decisions and a seamless transition from traditional branches to digital ones.

-  Parker Graham, Founder and CEO of Finotta.

Through the integration of Personified into ebankIT's digital banking platform, individuals worldwide will gain access to reliable financial guidance, enabling them to make informed decisions and attain financial stability. Simultaneously, financial institutions will have the opportunity to provide tailored education and support to their customers, while also transitioning their physical branches into the digital realm.


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