A simplified banking experience: ebankIT is FNB Mozambique's partner in digital transformation

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Revolutionizing Banking: ebankIT powers FNB Mozambique's digital transformation

FNB Mozambique recently unveiled a trio of cutting-edge digital channels – an App, Internet banking, and a new website – in partnership with ebankIT omnichannel digital solution – to deliver the best banking experience for FNB Mozambique customers. 

FNB Mozambique embarked on an exciting journey towards the future, dedicated to enhancing its customers' banking experience and modernizing its digital channels. To simplify banking operations and ensure practicality as well as security, FNB Mozambique launched intuitive digital channels such as a Mobile App, Internet Banking and a new website. These cutting-edge solutions aim to provide assistance and convenience to customers.

FNB's new digital platform reinforces the bank's promise of helping its clients, offering a more intuitive and seamless banking experience. FNB customers can rest assured about the security and convenience of the bank's digital channels - access to the FNB On app can be done via facial recognition and fingerprint. At the same time, the traditional PIN entry option remains available.

The new digital channels bring a series of advantages to our customers: from its security aspect to content display personalization and simple steps to perform daily operations, open savings accounts, transfer to wallets accounts, amongst others.

- Sansão Monjane, FNB’s Chief Digital and Information Officer. 

As a result of adopting the ebankIT platform, FNB Mozambique is able to effectively compete with other banks in the market and stand out due to its unique offerings and the reliability of its solution.

- Maria José Gonçalves, COO of ebankIT.

ebankIT is a groundbreaking fintech company that empowers banks and credit unions to provide an unparalleled digital experience that is both personalized and user-friendly across various platforms such as mobile, web, and voice banking. With its innovative solutions, ebankIT not only meets the current needs of customers but also anticipates future advancements in banking technology.



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