ebankIT Management System: more autonomy to financial institutions

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ebankIT is not only enabling financial institutions to move towards a new digital era, but also offering banks and credit unions the most efficient tools to control their own banking solutions. In a seamless synergy between tech and business strategy, ebankIT Management System (EMS) empowers financial institutions to administrate their platforms with increased autonomy from their providers, without requiring extra IT support.

Banks and Credit Unions are currently undertaking a once in a lifetime technological breakthrough: the digital revolution. Institutions with decades, or even centuries, of experience and expertise, are facing the challenge to quickly adapt their business strategies to a new paradigm, as a growing number of customers move to digital platforms.

If there is no doubt that omnichannel digital banking is the way forward, it is also impossible to expect a “one size fits all” solution. Each financial institution, according to its own background, business model and future goals, needs to find a suitable solution, to reach its full potential and make the best use of the latest technologies.

Understanding that this digital revolution may seem like a great barrier, especially for smaller financial institutions that cannot build their own platform, ebankIT not only provides an innovative and robust banking solution, with out-of-the-box omnichannel capabilities, but also enables banks and credit unions to explore their own path in this new digital era. Always with one end goal in mind: humanizing the digital banking experience.

With the ebankIT Management System, financial institutions coordinate all the activities performed at different levels of management, from day-to-day operations to major structural modifications, without requiring additional IT support. Banks and Credit Unions can easily manage every functionality and environment configuration, customizing, for example, authentication procedures, profile types, transaction conditions, campaign alerts and document templates.

EMS also offers the possibility to create different working teams, each one assigned to a specific task. With an interactive Command Center, team leaders are consequently able to promote teamwork, internal communication and proactive follow-through, notifying the respective team of every new development. Additionally, EMS provides audience analysis and in-depth data insights that help banks and credit unions adapt their strategy.

Nowadays, the main challenge for financial institutions is to incorporate a more human and customized experience in digital banking. The primary purpose of the ebankIT Management System is to enable banks and credit unions to autonomously administrate their platforms, in order to discover the most intuitive customer experience according to their unique audience.

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