eTransfer for Business: real-time transfers made frictionless and increasingly efficient

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Focused on delivering tailored solutions for its network of financial institutions, ebankIT invests in continued development enabling Canadian banks and credit unions to offer a wider catalog of features to their audiences. eTransfer for Business, introduced into the Canadian Layer, is a paradigmatic example of how ebankIT Omnichanel Digital Platform is setting the pace for a new generation of banking services, delivering increased performance and efficiency, especially in the fields of real-time transfers.  

ebankIT Omnichannel Digital platform first entered the Canadian market in 2018, and since then it has met an unparalleled expansion. An increasingly number of Canadian financial institutions are selecting ebankIT to undertake the digital revolution and to become future-ready. In order to provide them with the most suitable solution, ebankIT has developed the Canadian Layer, a module fully adapted to the local market requirements.  

Focused on offering a steady stream of innovations, ebankIT is now on version 1.3 of the Canadian Layer. The Version 1.3 of the Canadian Layer offers increased agility for wire transfers. Most notable, it contains a very important feature: eTransfer for Business. Presented with a visually pleasing, but also helpful UX design, it includes extensive options for clients to send, request and receive money, manage their contact list, and schedule e-transfers for the future. Every solution is made intuitive and easy-to-use, offering a frictionless user experience. 

Version 1.3 of the Canadian Layer also brings additional features and other improvements for both financial institutions and their audiences. CRA forms were fully updated and the Canada Post address search improved for the mobile experience. 

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