Home Trust launches new digital banking platform powered by ebankIT

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Home Trust Company launched a customer-centric digital banking platform

ebankIT played a crucial role in helping Home Trust Company in expanding the current Home Trust solution to suit the growing demands of digitally savvy mortgage clients. Together, they successfully launched a customer-centric digital banking experience for their clients.

Now, customers can experience unmatched convenience, flexibility, and autonomy when it comes to managing their mortgages. With the secure accessibility of their accounts from anywhere, at any time, through Home Trust's user-friendly web and mobile platform, clients have complete control over their financial affairs.

Thanks to the ebankIT omnichannel platform, Home Trust has been able to completely transform its ability to provide a seamless and integrated user experience. This revolutionary platform extends across all aspects of their mortgage and Oaken Financial businesses, including mobile, web, contact center, and back office operations.

With the integration of personalization tools and advanced digital capabilities, ebankIT's platform empowers Home Trust to consistently evolve and meet the ever-changing digital banking requirements and preferences of its valued customers. This customer-centric approach guarantees heightened satisfaction and engagement with the innovative digital experience.

Home Trust began our digital transformation journey with ebankIT a few years ago. We are seeing continuing benefits of higher customer engagement whilst also improving efficiency and reducing costs.

- Mike Henry, EVP Digital and Strategy at Home Trust. 

The collaboration between Home Trust and ebankIT has helped to ensure that customers have the best possible customer-centric, online banking experience.

- Maria José Gonçalves, COO of ebankIT.

The collaboration between ebankIT and Home Trust has exceeded all expectations, culminating in the remarkable launch of a customer-centric digital banking platform that is set to revolutionize the way users manage their finances. This cutting-edge platform not only simplifies the banking process but also aims to enhance the lives of countless individuals by providing them with unparalleled convenience and control over their financial affairs.


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