Humanizing digital banking: ebankIT & Unblu partner to build trust in the digital age

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The importance of human connection in digital banking

With the rapid advancements in technology enhancing our lives and simplifying our banking transactions, the challenge lies in maintaining a human connection in a digital world.

Banks must navigate this balance carefully, embracing digital transformation while preserving approachability and fostering genuine human interactions.

In 2024, banks are encountering a diminishing in customer loyalty which can be a result attributed to the impersonal nature of many banking interactions that are now mainly done online. 

The key question arises: how can banks inject a human touch into the digital banking experience?

Unblu and ebankIT have joined forces to reinvent customer engagement to bridge this gap between financial institutions and their account holders. Incorporating face-to-face interactions, chatbots, co-browsing, and other personalized features to enhance the digital banking experience.

Humanizing digital banking: The power of chatbots, co-browsing and face-to-face interactions

Traditional banking relies heavily on in-person interactions, but after the pandemic most banking operations started to take place online and many customers started to complain that digital banking fails to provide a human connection.

Indeed there has been a shift in consumer expectations towards more personalized and humanized digital experiences. Banks need a digital banking platform that integrates human-like interactions across all of their front-end channels to build trust and foster stronger relationships with customers.

According to Accenture, by taking steps to build more meaningful personal relationships, banks could boost revenue from primary customers by up to 20%.

Unblu live-chat and co-browsing features fit perfectly within all the different features embedded into the ebankIT omnichannel platform. This grants a human touch at a different point of interaction with the client.

The flexible composable architecture of the ebankIT platform also empowers banks to respond to customer needs swiftly, ensuring top-notch customer engagement and satisfaction.


Enhancing Customer Support with Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots act as round-the-clock virtual assistants, poised to tackle any customer queries. They can easily streamline basic banking tasks, offer product recommendations, and guide customers through the digital banking platform. 

This innovative technology has the ability to understand natural language which allows banks to provide quick customized responses to queries, effectively easing any frustrations for customers in need of quick solutions to their issues.

Collaborative banking with co-browsing

Co-browsing facilitates seamless real-time collaboration between clients and banking professionals, offering virtual side-by-side support and replicating an in-person experience in a digital environment.

Co-browsing offers a multitude of benefits, including assisting customers with loan applications, account setup, and resolving technical issues. This interactive tool allows banking staff to provide top-notch customer support by guiding clients through online transactions, helping them choose the right products, and offering assistance with tasks like password resets, address updates, and loan inquiries.

Leveraging face-to-face interactions 

Customers can now engage in real-time video interactions with banking representatives without leaving the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days of scheduling in-person appointments at physical branches.

Banking staff can swiftly initiate video calls, establish stronger connections with customers, address their complex queries, and offer personalized assistance online.

Bridge the gap between human and technology with ebankIT & Unblu

Financial institutions should prioritize human-centric design principles to create meaningful connections and enhance customer satisfaction in the digital age.

These technologies bridge the gap between traditional and digital banking, offering customers the convenience of digital channels while still nurturing valuable human connections.

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