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Payments Canada Summit 2023: a new era for digital payments

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The Payments Canada Summit returns to Toronto on May 3-5, 2023, bringing together leaders from across the payment ecosystem to discuss a new era of modern payments. Learning more about modern payments creates opportunities for financial institutions to become more efficient and provide the best services to their clients. Discover how these changes will benefit Canada as well as other countries. 

Payments Canada Summit 2023: the future of payments

The landscape of digital payments is still constantly evolving, opening new possibilities for both companies and customers. 

Payments Canada Summit reunites the most prominent innovators of the industry as well as the best intellectuals to discuss, debate, and define the future of payments in Canada and abroad. It serves as a forum for both general and in-depth talks that examine a variety of issues crucial to the development of payments.

Get ready to discover an exciting lineup of topics featuring different areas of expertise at the SUMMIT.


Open banking is the future of payments

In Canada, there has been a steady transition toward digital payments over the past few years, and the pandemic has sped up this process. Hear from the best experts in the field as they address the most important issues reshaping the payments business and why digital payments are the future. 

ebankIT, in collaboration with Coast Capital, Everlink and MX will host a panel at the event on May 4th, from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm entitled: “Unlocking the future of Open Banking: Countdown to disruption…”.

The panel will be about an hour long where Peter Atkinson (ebankIT), Jag Bhogal (Coast Capital), Romi Kohli (Everlink), and Raymond Den Hond (Mx) will discuss the future of open banking and digital payments with the help of Dan Killey as their moderator.

This informative session will provide context and perspective on the digital transformation of digital banking and payments in the past year and predict what the future might have in store for financial institutions. 

Join us at Payments Canada Summit!

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