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7_8 Nov, Porto

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ebankIT Platform ensures cybersecurity and customer satisfaction

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Do you know how Phishing and Email Fraud are repeatedly affecting executives and companies worldwide? The cyber delinquents send fraudulent emails with links to steal credentials of access to virtual banking.

The ebankIT Digital Platform is the best solution for your business, protecting your customers against the most critical threats, preventing data breaches. The ebankIT Digital Platform enables your business during these challenging times ahead, especially for what concerns cybersecurity and customer satisfaction.

ebankIT helps you unlock the value of improved cybersecurity protection.

  • Integrating with a highly secure, mobile-first, transactional authentication solution powered by biometrics
  • Implementing second level authentication, ensuring the security of all transactions and personal data

With the new product release 5.2, you will find it’s the right time to engage with your digital transformation and revamp your digital business strategy.  

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