ebankIT empowers Oaken Financial to offer a superior customer experience

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ebankIT’s award-winning omnichannel banking solution was selected by Home Trust Company (“Home”), for a complete end-to-end digital deposits implementation, introducing an innovative and fully mobile experience to customers of Oaken Financial (“Oaken”), Home’s direct-to-consumer business line. Oaken embraces ebankIT’s product, subscribing to its intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly approach. For ebankIT, the launch of Oaken’s new platform represents a new milestone, as the company continues to thrive in the highly competitive Canadian financial services market.

Focused on redesigning the digital interface for both deposit customers and employees, Oaken decided to adopt a new digital deposits solution, inspired by the company’s long-standing business philosophy: “We take the time to listen to our customers so we can offer prudent solutions that are tailored to individual financial needs”. After a comprehensive and thorough selection process, Oaken adopted ebankIT’s proven and innovative technology, with out-of-the-box omnichannel capabilities.

By combining customization tools with state-of-the-art digital capabilities, ebankIT will empower Oaken to continuously evolve to meet its deposit customers’ digital banking needs and preferences. By providing a wide range of digital tools, ebankIT will enable Oaken to offer an optimized customer experience, positioning it well in today’s competitive digital banking landscape.

“The launch of this new digital platform represents a significant achievement for ebankIT. The implementation process of this solution demonstrates how companies can successfully undertake the shift to a new digital-first era, never losing sight of the company’s longstanding values and principles. Oaken and ebankIT agree on something very important: more digital can mean human interaction”, says Renato Oliveira, founder and CEO of ebankIT.

“We are pleased to partner with ebankIT to enhance the digital solutions we can offer our customers,” stated Melonie Dixon, VP, Digital Marketing and Consumer Engagement at Oaken Financial) “The ebankIT platform offers an omnichannel approach that helps accelerate our digital transition, while also enabling our team to maintain focus on the human connection – a key component of the digital experience we strive to provide our customers.”

Over the last number of years, ebankIT has managed to create a clear impact on the Canadian financial market, licensing its innovative technology to an ever-growing number of financial institutions. The platform’s scalability, maturity, extensibility, and innovative mindset have been important factors for success in this market. Additionally, the company invested in a Canadian Layer which addresses important market and legal requirements for the Canadian banking sector. By providing these pre-built integrations, ebankIT accelerates each project’s time-to-market, offering an immediate solution to any urgent request.

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