ebankIT and the Horizn Platform are partnering to support digital transformation

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ebankIT and the Horizn Platform are partnering to support digital transformation by helping financial institutions successfully launch their new ebankIT platform with both employees and customers. The companies will deliver an enhanced consumer experience for Retail, SMBs, and Corporate banking. As part of the ebankIT offering, the Horizn Platform will integrate with ebankIT’s omnichannel digital banking platform to enable a smooth experience for both financial institutions’ staff and end-users, in North America.

With 2022’s growing demand for advanced digital banking solutions, the companies will build upon ebankIT’s innovative omnichannel digital banking platform that delivers online and mobile banking experiences to credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions. Making the Horizn platform available and with the launch of live deployments, both companies expect to gain an enhanced sales approach.

By presenting a 360-degree operational view and a connected and secure experience, the ebankIT digital banking platform speeds up financial institutions' digital transformation, lowering costs, and creating new ways to provide services and engagement with the customer base.

Created specifically for financial institutions that want to increase digital adoption, the Horizn Platforms Software’s suite of cloud-based solutions provides a way for, financial institutions to truly maximize and accelerate the impact of their digital banking deployments with ebankIT by increasing digital knowledge and digital adoption with both their customers and employees.


This partnership will contribute to an even more customer-centric product offering, helping financial institutions achieve a higher level of digital engagement by optimizing their clients' experience across all channels.


In the digital world, customers want to spend their limited time on online journeys they find valuable, and when they feel cherished, they engage, spend and become advocates. The expectation for always-on, always-available engagement has never been higher. As a financial institution, it is important to personalize engagements and build deeper connections, knowing that different activities require different levels of support.

This exciting partnership truly delivers a seamless Bank experience. Horizn’s Digital Demos can be automatically generated as part of the launch plan and updates to digital experiences are made through this integrated partnership. This means your frontline branch staff and contact center teams can all be digitally aware, fluent, and confident on the new platform. Equally important is your digital strategy around a successful launch - when a customer does a google search, visits your website, looks in your FAQ pages, etc. The Horizn Platform ensures your customer can find an answer to their digital needs fast!

Together, ebankIT and the Horizn Platform are committed to delivering the best digital offer for the banking industry, working to surpass customers’ ever evolving expectations.

Conversion to a new platform represents multiple challenges. Firstly, converting existing digital customers seamlessly to the new platform. Second is introducing existing customers to new features or functionality to the platform. Third is converting new customers to digital banking. With the Horizn platform, ebankIT financial institutions’ customers and employees can easily achieve all three.
Janice Diner, Horizn’s CEO


About ebankIT

ebankIT is an award-winning software company with a proprietary leading Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform which enables banks and credit unions to achieve their full potential. Its flexible and robust out-of-the-box features allow a fast and seamless digital banking transformation. By strengthening customer relationships and taking advantage of third-party innovations through open banking possibilities, the success of ebankIT platform has already translated into increased digital revenues and costs minimization for dozens of financial institutions worldwide serving millions of customers or members.

For more information, please visit: ebankit.com


About The Horizn Platform

Horizn is the No. 1 digital growth platform designed exclusively for financial service institutions. Activating to support digital growth is foundational to the consumer and employee experience. Horizn’s Digital Demos equip bank customers and employees with the knowledge needed to accelerate digital banking fluency, adoption and growth. The Horizn platform includes three components: a Self-Serve Customer Platform; Assisted-Serve Call Center and In-Branch Demos; and an Employee Direct Platform, helping accelerate the shift to digital for many of the world's largest banks

Please visit: www.horizn.com

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