ebankIT partners with Agent IQ to humanize customer engagement in digital banking

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Digital banking redefined: ebankIT & Agent IQ team up to elevate and humanize customer engagement 

ebankIT and Agent IQ collaboration seeks to humanize customer engagement through advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and seamless integration of digital touchpoints to assist financial institutions in building and nurturing lasting relationships with their customers.

Agent IQ is the pioneer in digital relationship banking, providing personal and persistent customer engagement solutions supported by a powerful built-in AI that supports bankers and strengthens customer relationships. Blending the best of human emotion and empathy with the speed and efficiency of computer intelligence, the Lynq™ platform empowers financial institutions with the ability to provide proactive support and real-time insights to improve customer satisfaction, enhance service efficiencies, and increase profitability while reducing the cost of serving.

Driven by a shared commitment to humanizing and enhancing customer interactions, ebankIT has partnered with Agent IQ to bring transformative changes in how financial institutions engage with their clients digitally. Leveraging AI-augmented self-service technology, this partnership aims to set a new industry standard for customer-centricity by driving engagement and strengthening relationships in digital banking.

ebankIT is a leader in humanizing digital banking, heavily aligning with our mission to modernize relationship banking through augmenting the human banker; not replacing them. We are pleased to partner with ebankIT to support financial institutions in building stronger, more meaningful customer relationships through powering personal engagements across every digital banking channel.

- Slaven Bilac, CEO of Agent IQ.

The collaboration between ebankIT and Agent IQ's Lynq™ platform elevates customer experience by combining ebankIT's self-serving digital channels with Agent IQ's personal digital engagement platform. By incorporating AI automation into digital interactions, the partnership aims to enhance customer satisfaction.

Agent IQ seamlessly integrates with ebankIT's existing environment, filling each interaction with a personalized and meaningful human touch.

The partnership between ebankIT and Agent IQ is a strategic alliance aimed at driving innovation and fostering a customer-centric approach within the financial industry. Through this collaboration, we wish to redefine the digital banking experience, make it more human, and set new benchmarks for customer engagement and satisfaction.

- Renato Oliveira, CEO of ebankIT.

By leveraging these technologies, financial institutions can drive personal banking experiences, provide efficient self-service solutions and ultimately humanize their digital relationships with customers. 

ebankIT is a fintech company that empowers banks and credit unions to provide an exceptional digital banking experience across mobile, web, and voice platforms. With its state-of-the-art omnichannel capabilities, the ebankIT Digital Banking Platform offers a seamless and efficient transformation of traditional banking into the digital realm.

By focusing on humanizing and personalizing every interaction, ebankIT ensures that customers receive a truly personalized and accessible digital banking experience. With the ability to adapt to future channels, ebankIT is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way financial institutions engage with their customers.

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