ebankIT promotes a webinar about the future of banks

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ebankIT promotes the discussion of building ecosystems as a way to deal with change and the new times that are approaching.

ebankIT, an international company that develops an omnichannel digital banking platform, promotes together with unbluMiTek ITSCREDIT , a webinar entitled: “Building Ecosystems: how to accelerate the future of banks” that will occur November 19th (10am EST, 4pm CET).

Around this theme, ebankIT brings together some of the most relevant companies in the technological and financial sector, with the aim of sharing perspectives on the new trend of creating synergies between technological companies for the progress and transformation of financial institutions.


Unblu, the company responsible for developing an advanced co-browsing and live assistance solution, MiTek, the global leader in identity verification solutions and ITSCREDIT, specializing in solutions that cover the entire credit process, meet in a conversation with ebankIT, opening the discussion on how the relationship between fintechs and financial institutions will evolve, in a perspective of global growth.

For Renato Oliveira, Chairman and CEO of ebankIT, “This initiative highlights the best of digital ecosystems combined with banking, namely the importance of fintech, and the advantages associated with ecosystems.” Also adds, “this webinar is the ideal space to discuss how financial institutions can leverage a combined ecosystem to take advantage of a network of added values”.

With this initiative, ebankIT demonstrates its focus and contribution to the future of financial institutions. This webinar is the culmination of a set of initiatives that ebankIT has been developing throughout this year and is preparing to expand next year.

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