ebankIT recognized for its outstanding ESG performance by Exame Portugal

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ebankIT won outstanding ESG performance award!

During the conference on February 7th, EXAME Portugal celebrated the achievements of the top 1000 Largest Portuguese SMEs, in collaboration with Informa DB and EY, with the valuable support of Ageas Seguros. Apart from recognizing the standout companies from the previous financial year, the event featured engaging panel discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Recognized for its exceptional ESG performance at the prestigious 1000 Largest Portuguese SMEs Conference hosted by Exame Portugal, ebankIT is truly inspired to further its commitment to creating a more sustainable business environment. The growing importance of ESG factors in the banking and fintech industries, especially within the realm of digital banking, highlights the significance of this accolade for fintech companies.

In today's digital era, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and social issues. They seek out businesses that exhibit a dedication to sustainability and ethical behaviors. Fintech companies and digital banks that prioritize ESG principles have the ability to attract and retain customers who share these values.

At ebankIT, it is firmly believed that financial sustainability can be a driving force for innovation and differentiation within the digital banking sector. Fintech firms that create environmentally friendly products, integrate ESG considerations into their business strategies, and offer sustainable solutions to financial institutions can truly set themselves apart in a competitive market. By embracing these principles, companies like ebankIT can help banks and credit unions not only attract new customers but also gain a significant competitive advantage.

Incorporating ESG considerations into business strategies can contribute to long-term value creation for banks. By addressing environmental and social challenges, banks can identify new business opportunities, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency. Moreover, promoting good governance practices strengthens internal controls and enhances overall business resilience.

Excited to collaborate with banks, ebankIT is eager to join forces in creating joint ESG initiatives and projects. By combining their unique skills and resources, ebankIT and banks can collaborate to develop innovative solutions that tackle ESG challenges and foster a positive impact on society and the environment.


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